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Japanese Siomai - Master Siomai

Okay, so I'm all about sushi, but I really love siomai. I'm a big siomai fan, but i am picky when it comes to siomai. I rarely find a siomai that suits my taste but i found one that brought together my sushi and siomai love.

First things first a siomai is ground meat wrapped in a siomai wrap (don't know what it's called, or made of) , steamed then dipped in soysauce with chilli and calamansi when eating. Japanese siomai is very similar. the only difference is that it is wrapped in Nori (the green stuff sushi is wrapped in.. seaweed).

Anyway, Master Siomai has this sent from heaven Japanese siomai. I really really love eating them. It's average priced since it is a franchise (i think) and placed in malls and train stations. It doesn't really look that good. It doesnt look apetizing at all

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Sharie Omlang said...

sarap nito! natatakam tuloy ako..punta tau LRT! =)

Hepatripper said...

One of the best commercialized siomais that i've tasted. pag nasa LRT santolan aq, di ko mapigilang di kumain. So I eat this almost twice everyday! haha

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