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Gerry's Grill

We usually go to Subic for our family vacation. Everytime we're there, we make it a point to eat at Gerry's Grill. The Gerry's Grill in Subic is a very busy establishment. You can see a line of chairs outside for those waiting to be seated. They have a mini playground at the entrance to keep the busy kids occupied. Gerry's Grill is just a huge square restaurant at the beach front. You can opt to seat at the airconditioned room, bar, smoking area (or general area), and the beach area. They have RnB music playing loudly(I think it's loud because it seems that the sound is muffled by the noise of chatting customers). They have a HUUUUUUUGE Flat screen TV above the bar which has NBA playing on it

Our usual order is Seafood Adobo rice, Grilled tuna, grilled squid, and of course Sisig.

The Grilled Squid and Sisig have nothing special in their flavor. It's just the regular Grilled Squid and Sisig. The Grilled Tuna on the other hand is very scrumptious. You can taste a sort of buttery flavor infused with a grilled taste. They serve a medium sized cut, about 3 in X 3in X 3in.

The seafood adobo rice is a best seller in our family. It's black with squid ink, with bits of mussels, shrimps. I don't know if there's any other seafood mixed there, but all I can say is that it's truly a seafood lover's heaven!

This holy week, of course we went to subic, and of course we went to Gerry's Grill. We added a different viand this time. Crispy Tadyang. When it was served on our table, we can tell that it's delicious. But we were dubious regarding its crispiness. It has a crispy outside and a very moist and chewy inside. It tasted like beef but we were wondering how come it was so tender. We we're really amazed at it's tenderness and crispiness.

For our drinks we ordered Bottomless Iced Tea which is like all the other Iced Teas (probably Nestea); and Fresh Buko.

Fresh buko is buko juice served chilled in it's shell. When you finish your juice, you can have your shell cut in half and eat the flesh inside! yum.

We're 6 in the family and our bill amounted to more or less 1,200.

Here're my ratings:
Food Taste - 22/25
Food Plating - 8/10
Food and drink selection - 9/10
Drink taste - 10/15
Ambience - 18/20
Affordability - 14/20

total: 81/100

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