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Red Ribbon S'mores Chocolate Cake

Y'all know I'm a huge fan of chocolate, and as an added info, I'm also a fan of marshmallows, and putting them together is BLISS.

My boyfriend of 4 months brought this last mother's day. He was supposed to buy chocolate mousse for my mum (her favorite) but it was out of stock, so he bought S'mores Chocolate Cake instead.

I actually didn't know what he brought until after dinner (He arrived for lunch), when my mum decided to eat the cake. When I saw the sliced cake, my mouth watered and I just had to have a slice, despite my stomach being full of my mum's famous and very delish beef and mushroom stew.

It's a layered chocolate cake. Chocolate cake at the bottom, then s'mores, then choco cookie, then smore's, then chococake. On top is a thin coat of chocolate icing with a cream drop and a thin square of milk chocolate, side by side. On the middle (top) of the cake is caramel syrup.

So, when I tasted the cake. OMG! It was sooooo heavenly. The sweetness was perfect. The cookie balanced the overall feel of the cake. Soft but crunchy! YES!

It's available in Red Ribbon which costs Php 315 - 520 per cake. Check it out here

So the overall grade
Taste - 28/30
Cost - 13/20
Presentation - 19/25
Texture - 30/25

Total - 90/100

here a a few pictures of the half eaten cake


cake sliced side view

Cake Top-side view

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