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Propel Orange

from the makers ofGatorade..
comes the new propel orange..


Propel is a vitamin water, perfect for those who hate the taste of water, like me.

It can be bought in almost every convenience store for 20 pesos and 17 pesos in Pepsi stalls (as of January 2009)

It tastes like vitamin C diluted in water. (I haven't tried doing it yet) and it comes in this hard to open blue bottle.

The trick in opening this bottle is to squeeze the bottle while turning the cap :) (the friendly Pepsi Lady in LRT@ Legarda station told me)

It's cool
It's fresh

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Sharie Omlang said...

di ko tlg to gusto knic!..hehe..

Hepatripper said...

sarap kaya neto! pamatay uhaw! + u get vitamins!

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