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Taco Bell Beef Grilled Stuft Burrito

I had a burrito this morning thanks to my super sweet brother who watched the Westlife concert last night. Maybe it's his way of appeasing me cause I can't get to see their concert. Boo!

Anyway, I discovered Taco Bell because of my boyfriend (he wasn't my boyfriend then). He asked me if I have dined there, I told him I haven't, so when the budget permitted it, he treated me there. That happened months ago, but my goodness! I have to say, hands down, the BEST burrito I've EVER TASTED!

I have this really long story about by quest for the perfect burritos. If you don't want to read it, skip to the review :)

My fetish for burritos started with cartoons and kid shows. Growing up I saw shows indicating characters getting LBM with burritos. I got really curious about it, cause why would people risk having LBM just to eat it, right? It must be really good.When I got older, this cute show came up, Kim Possible. Her bestfriend, Ron Stoppable and his naked mole rat, absolutely loved Mexican food, which revived my curiosity for burritos.

I had a classmate in college who bought  a burrito from a kiosk (I think it was Tia Mia or Tia Maria. I forgot) in the school carpark (Yeah, our school car park have food kiosks and even restaurants). I forgot if she bought me one or she just let me taste it, but I gotta tell you, it was awesome! That was the first time I fell in love with burritos. It had this nice "Mexican" taste that I call. I can't describe it fully, it's like this chilli-beef (not spicy beef okay, chilli as in the food chilli-con-carne). Too bad for me it was way out my budget. It was 90 pesos. And for a student on a budget, that's too much.

There came a time when a batch of students have their entrep week, so they're selling all sorts of stuff. One of which including a microwave-ready burrito. It costs 50 per piece (Cheap ha!). It was just a small burrito but it was bursting with the Mexican flavor that I told you earlier. Plus the texture was a little rough, like it had beans on it! (the first one I ate only had rice). I loved it so much that I ate one everyday, and after entrep week was over, I set aside a portion of my allowance to eat the burrito from Tia M(ar)ia.

After I graduated, I haven't had a burrito for more than a year. I didn't actually miss it since I was too busy with work, then one day, I saw this burrito in 711. I was like, OMG! Burritos! There were 2 types. One was a breakfast burrito and one was a "Mexican" burrito. I tried both, but to my dismay, it was a far cry from the burritos I had back in college, but it did revive my craving for burritos.

After a few weeks, my officemates decided to have food from Army Navy delivered and to my pleasant surprise, they were selling burritos! Even though I know I'm really short on budget, I had to try it out. It was so expensive. (145-165 pesos), but so what? It doesn't matter if I can't go home later, I have to try the burrito. To my disappointment though, there wasn't enough Mexican Flavor Oooomph to make me smile. I was really really disappointed.

I told my then future boyfriend about how disappointed I was with all the burritos I've been trying so he brought up the idea of Taco Bell again (he brought it up a lot of times before. He didn't know I was a burrito addict). By then I was so intent on finding the perfect burrito, so I said I wanted to give it a go. I had apprehensions before because I thought Taco Bell was a very expensive restaurant.

So we went in, and I was surprised at how it looked. It was going for a rustic-festive design. Polished cement floor with festive-colored walls and banderitas. I can't place the term for it. Not really homey, not elegant. But I know it was a happy place. As we approached the register, my eyes were widening with awe with the mexican food pictures. I can't wait to dig in.

The girl at the register was very helpful. I can't seem to find what I want, so I told her that I want a burrito with rice and beans, and she happily offered the Grilled Stuft Burrito. The price was 99 Pesos for the beef! I was like, WOAH! expensive much! But what the heck. The last one I tried was more expensive anyway. I stayed away from the chicken and the steak variants cause they were more expensive (their full menu). Future bf ordered a taco.

Bf was raving about how good the first taco he bought from taco bell was. He was reliving the story to me and I was getting really really excited. When they called my name I was jolted back to reality. I opened the wrapper of my burrito and I can smell how good it was.

My fingers were all tingly, I was shaking a little, I took a bite and flavor exploded in my mouth. It was like the angels were singing! Hallelujah! I found the perfect burrito! As I eat the burrito, bit by bit, the flavor gets better and better! It's the perfect blend of sauce, beef, rice, beans and veggies! I was in 7th heaven. In cloud 9! I was so happy I could have died!

Sure enough, bf and I set aside money to indulge in burritos. The 2nd time we visited there, I ate 2 burritos! bf had the Cheesy bean and rice burrito. I had the Beef Grilled Stuft and the Steak Grilled Stuft. YUM!
The price was totally worth the taste.

My Score:
Taste  - 25/25
Presentation - 23/25
Ambiance - 23/25
Price - 25/25
Total = 94

Scores Explained:
I'm giving the Beef Grilled Stuft Burrito
  • 25 for taste cause for me, it's the perfect taste of burrito
  • 23 for presentation because the burrito isn't messy to eat (unlike other burritos). The tortilla bread was properly wrapped, and the paper wrapper itself looks nice
  • 23 for ambiance because the restaurant looks good with its numerous couches and festive colors, but the place is too heavy for the eyes
  • 25 for price because the price is so worth the taste, and you'll definitely be full after eating one burrito. Only eating machines like me get to devour 2 burritos. But mind you, after that 2nd burrito, I couldn't stand up

Contact Details:
I usually dine at the Taco Bell in Gatway mall. I have tried eating in Taco Bell Trinoma too. Haven't tried the one in Food Express (Gateway mall) though.

You can check out their website here: http://www.tacobell.com.ph/our_menu.htm

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