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Stall 37 Japanese Maki

I'm a sucker for Japanese food, so when I saw this stall selling maki, I bought one right away! I bought this 150-peso tray that has 3 kinds of maki. One was maki that had half a crabstick, a bit of rice at the bottom, then the rice and crabstick was tied together using nori. The other maki is your typical california maki, the last one was like california maki, but instead of having the orange caviar outside, the caviar was inside the maki roll, together with mango, cucumber and crabstick, rolled in nori.

The maki tasted like regular maki. It was a little expensive for my taste though.

They also don't provide this small cup for the soy-sauce. Which is weird, considering that they should have provided it, instead of just soy-sauce in a small platic tube (for ice candy). Also, the maki wasn't cold, which is really really bad. Though there isn't any fresh food in the maki, It should have been at least a little cool, right?

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