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711 Beef Pares Pinoy Rice Meal

Since 711 is very conveniently placed near the office, I usually go to 711 to look for affordable food. I remember 3 weeks ago, I was really out of money, and I needed to eat. I forgot my packed lunch (yeah, I know, that was stupid of me) so I was so worried about what and where to look for food. I need lunch that is at 50 pesos, tops!

I went to 711 looking for soup or some soft food that could fill me up. I was hungry, but my throat was so sore that time. I had to find an alternative to my typical rice meal. Though, of course I couldn't find anything that could fill me that was within my 50-peso budget. I don't like consuming too much cup noodles (which by the way was what started my sore throat).

So after walking down the 3 aisles of 711 and debating with myself if I'd rather be grumpy with hunger or eat cup noodles, I decided to  check out the cooling shelf where they keep the "fresh" foods or the perishables. I was looking  at the boxes of rice meals, and to my surprise, saw this 39-peso beef pares meal. I was like "WOW! freaking 39 pesos only!!!!" So naturally, I bought it. Forget my sore throat. I need to eat, and this IS cheap.

So I patiently waited for my food to heat up, 90 seconds was all it took! Yay! Beef Pares in 90 seconds! I took my food to one of the 711 tables at the back of the store, and started to slowly chow-down the beef pares. I wasn't expecting the food to be yummy at all, which is good cause I wasn't disappointed. The pares was a little bland, and that's saying something, coming from someone who likes the taste of bland food. Yet again, I wasn't expecting great flavor, what with 39 pesos?

The food was placed in bristol-board box. Inside the box, on the right-hand side, is a small bristol-board box that houses the beef and the pares sauce. If you're the type of person who consumes more ulam or viand than rice, then you're in a for a disappointment. You only get 3 chunks of beef which looks tough and dry, but is actually tender. It seemed to me that you have to properly portion the ulam so that you'll have enough for your rice. There was a lot of sauce, which is a good alternative for the lack of ulam, but again, it's bland. When mixed with rice, you just get a faint pares taste on the rice, there was more rice taste than pares taste. The rice was soft. Not at all dry, which is great.

As for whether I was satiated or not, well, I wasn't, but that's okay. I'm trying to lose weight anyway. It's enough to not feel hungry, but not too much to make you feel full.

Overall, my experience with the 711 Beef Pares Pinoy Rice Meal is okay. In fact I bought one this morning for breakfast. I highly recommend it for people on a budget who don't mind eating just enough.

Now for the grade:

Taste - 35/50
Cost - 20/20
Presentation - 21/30

Total: 76/100

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