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Rastrillo. Street Life In-front of Tektite-Ortigas

Rastrillo is a make-shift street food heaven every Friday. They close down one of the streets perpendicular to our office building at 5pm, and food connoisseurs peddle their goods on the street. It started last Friday (April 8, 2011). We're really hoping that it stays for a long time. Haven't tasted everything there yet. There's not much choice because it's just a short street, only a few (maybe 10-15 connoisseurs), most of them sell barbeque. Being the foodie that I am, I'll probably set aside money to taste everything there and tell you about which things I loved (and hated, if any). I'll try to feature each stand in my blog

When (date): Every Friday (No definite schedule of when they'll stop. Hopefully, they won't)
When (time): 17:00 to 3:00
Where: Philippine Stock Exchange Center Ortigas (AKA Tektite Towers) Open Parking

Price Range
Most food items start at 100. It may seem like a large amount, but I swear, all the food looks so scrumptious, and probably taste great as well, that you wouldn't mind paying those hard-earned hundred bucks! I know I didn't!

Food Range
The first time I went there, these are what I saw:

  1. A lot of barbecue stands. Barbecue here in the PH is way different from the barbecues I get to watch on the Lifestyle Channel. Here we don't usually grill slabs of meat. Barbecue here are like kebobs, minus the veggies. It's just pure meat on the stick. Also, the meat variety here is different. Of course we have the traditional pork (which is what we call here barbecue) or chicken meat (Didn't see chicken in Rastrillo though). But we also have the weirder variety, like the Isaw ng Manok (Chicken intestines), Isaw ng Baboy (Pig intestines), Dugo or Betamax (Pig blood, shaped like miniature betamax tapes), Adidas (Chicken feet), and jumbo hotdogs. I'll try to sample all these barbecue stands, though I think they'll taste the same.
  2. Rice Meals. There are a lot of stands selling rice meals, ranging from traditional Filipino catering/carinderia food to mongolian rice bowls
  3. Drinks. From water to booze. You'll find it there. Almost every stand sells drinks. There also stands that only sells drinks
  4. Dessert. There's this one stand that stood out, selling pastries. But there are other stands selling desserts as well
  5. Pizza and Pasta. Filipinos love pizza and pasta! Some stands sell pasta and rice meals. Pasta here in our country is usually considered as a snack, so usually you get to see stands selling rice meals (which are considered full meals) also sell snack meals like pasta. Also I saw people eating this huge slab of pizza (like the ones in Sbarro!)
As far as I can remember, these sum up what my eyes feasted on last friday. I'll be going later again for an early dinner while waiting for my college friends to arrive in El Pueblo (we're having a reunion!). So expect a review on one or a few of the food stands there.

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