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Century Tuna Mayo Spread

I had a loaf of bread last week that I needed to consume. Since I wanted something with bread, I went to 711 and looked for sandwich spreads. I saw this Century Tuna Mayo Spread beside the liver spreads. Naturally, I was curious. I love tuna. I was thinking along the lines of a tuna sandwich, so I was thinking, JACKPOT!

The can has this ring on-top, similar to what canned sodas have, only bigger. Like the ones in vienna sausages. It's easy to open, which is great, since I think I'll die of tetanus if I use the can opener in our office pantry. The downside of the can though was the can structure itself. I used a butter knife to scoop out the spread, which is what we normally use for spreads. It was hard to scoop the stuff out when I was running out of spread.

The consistency of the spread was a little runny. When I saw it, I was dubious with the amount of tuna and mayo in it. I mean, I buy tuna, I buy mayo, I make tuna spreads out of the tuna and the mayo, but it wasn't runny at all. There were very few chunks/flakes of tuna on it. There was actually a point where I was wondering why aren't there much tuna chunks/flakes in it. Makes me think that the tuna in that spread was probably the wasted tuna crumbs they get from flaking the tuna.

The taste of the spread is consistent with how the spread looks like though. It didn't taste anything special. Heck, it tasted like liver spread. And honestly, if I wanted liver spread, I'd buy liver spread, right? I was looking for the "tuna-sandwich" taste but I didn't get it at all. Let alone the "tuna" taste.

On the bright side though, since Century made it, it's a hit for health buffs. It has Omega 3 DHA, low in cholesterol, 0 trans fat and no preservatives. They're also marketing it as a sort of pate. They have recipes in their website. You may want to check it out: http://www.centurytuna.ph/allmayorecipes.php

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