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Stall 43 Summer Salad

Stall 43 was this sad stall. Not much people because the stall looked empty. They have lined up various plastic boxes of fresh garden salad. Being the garden salad lover that I am, I went to the stall and bought a salad for 50 pesos.

For 50 pesos, there sure was a lot of vegetation. Though I'm comparing it to Wendy's and KFC's salad, which are a tad expensive.

The veggies on my salad are plain green lettice, tomatoes, carrot sticks and onions. The dressing was pureed yellow mangoes.

The veggie selection is okay. A perfect blend of tangy veggies. The vegetables doesn't look that fresh, like the salad was already made for about 2 hours but it's okay. I would have wanted my salad cold, but I don't mind it in room temp either. What really bugs me is the dressing.

At first I was like, "What, mango dressing?" but then, I thought it was worth a try. A taste of summer, right? There wasn't anything special to the mango dressing. It's just pureed mango. Fine. One more problem, there wasn't enough dressing for all the vegetables. BUMMER! I love my salad to have just the right amount of dressing, maybe a lot of dressing. What's irking me is that the dressing barely covered half of the salad (not really cover as "cover", but enough for you to taste the dressing and the salad). It was a disaster. Good thing I was hungry, so I was able to finish the salad, even if it's like I'm just eating plain, raw vegetables.

I wouldn't recommend it at all. All the contents of that salad, I could have made at home. It would have been fresher and had more dressing.

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