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Century Vienna Sausage

I've been trying to live a healthy and active lifestyle (minus the active part, lol). Since I don't have that much time to exercise (yeah, I have a lot of excuses, too tired, it's raining, i'm not in the mood, I have a lot of work to do, it's time for boyfie or family), I decided that I'll just lessen my food intake (which by the way is successful if I don't approach our dining table at home). So in my office pedestal, I have this wheat crackers and I just think of something to pair it with.

Today, I went to 711 and saw that they have the new Century Tuna Vienna Sausage. I've been hearing it advertised in my favorite radio program, by my favorite DJs, so I decided to buy it.

It tastes really good. I think I can finish 2 cans of it. Actually, just blogging about it makes me crave for it even more!

It has Omega 3 and DHA which are supposedly good for the heart, right? So I don't see any drawbacks. I didn't have the time to check it's nutritional facts, I'll be posting it as soon as I get the details.

It's cheap, 26 pesos in 711, in supermarkets it should be lower still. you get 14 1 1/2 inch sized Vienna sausages packed in a small can. It's really worth it's price, economically wise and taste wise.

Century Tuna Vienna Sausage

Vienna Sausage by Century Tuna

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