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Yakimix SM Masinag

My parents celebrated their silver wedding anniversary yesterday, so as a treat, we went to Yakimix SM Masinag to celebrate, after their renewal of marriage vows in the Shrine of St Therese of the Child Jesus, Antipolo.

Yakimix is a mix of 3 cuisines, Japanese, Cantonese and Malaysian(?). I don't really know how to differentiate the other cuisines, but I know the sushi bar is the Japanese bit. They also pride themselves of a Smokeless grill, so they have a raw food section aside from the cooked food and sushi bar.

Of course the restaurant line was long, so we had to wait for about 20 minutes to get in, but since it's inside SM Masinag, we roamed around the mall and just went back after a few minutes. They gave us free drinks while waiting in line too! When the drinks arrived, and they said it was free, everybody clamored for one. They were brightly colored juices with bendy straws. They looked so refreshing! I took the red-orange drink. Tasted like 4 seasons. The green drink was awesome! It was sour and sweet, don't know what fruit it is though. Kiwi maybe? There was a blue one, the classic blue lemonade, and of course, your regular brown iced tea!

When we finally got seated, I made a go for the sushi bar! Being the Japanese food lover that I am, I quickly filled my plate with all these sushis, makis and sashimis that I can fit my plate (and stomach). So naturally, after consuming everything on my plate, I was so full. So much for my diet! Anyway, I figured, the next time I'll eat there, I know which sushis and makis to take so I can take advantage of the smokeless grill.

I don't remember all of sushis and makis by name, they were tad too many! But I definitely want the one with duck (we think it's duck, it tastes like ham) on top, the one with the octopus on top, the warships (the ones that looks like it's salad wrapped in nori), the flavored scrambled egg (I already ate it so it's not in the picture), and of course both the pink salmon and tuna sashimis!

Yakimix Sushi Sashimi Maki
Yakimix Sushi Maki and Sashimi

They have a salad bar where you can choose from a variety of salads, veggies and sauces. I didn't taste any of the salads though. I wasn't able to snap a picture of it too, cause apparently, taking pictures isn't allowed.

They have a cooked food section where there were a variety of different Asian food. I didn't enjoy it much though. Funny though that the tempura seems to disappear within seconds of refilling it. I don't like tempura at all so it's fine by me.

For meat, they have these raw thinly sliced meats from fish, beef, pork and chicken. Most of the meats are already marinated, so when you grill it it doesn't taste bland at all.
Yakimix Smokeless Grill
Yakimix Smokeless Grill

 They have a dessert bar that has 4 flavors of ice cream and your choice from a variety of toppings. They also have some fruity pops for people like me who doesn't like ice cream. There are fruit bowls as well, with sliced Hami Melons, Papayas and Dragon Fruits. They were okay, but it would be great of they were cold, like iced. The ones on the bowls were just a little cold.
yakimix ice cream desert
Yakimix Ice Cream Desert
 They also have different pastries available, though judging by how they looked, they don't look top quality. Sure they look appetizing cause of the wonderful colors, but they don't look moist nor rich. I tasted their bite sized crinkles and from that, I know that I would just regret eating any of the desserts. The cakes look dry, and their mousse cakes look like cheesecakes. Good thing I read the label, or else I would have barfed up my lunch. I'm not a mousse person at all. Their leche flan is okay. It tasted like regular leche flan but it had a lot of air pockets inside, so it's not really smooth to the tongue, and do I need to mention that it doesn't melt in your mouth? I guess, from a person who bakes, I've been very stringy on how desert tastes like.

yakimix pastries desert
Yakimix Pastries Desert

The ambiance is great. I really love their chandeliers and their ceiling, which had me and boyfie thinking of having a similar design to our ceiling when we have our own house.

yakimix chandelier ambiance
Yakimix ambiance
Their crew are very nice. They smile and are very accommodating. You can see their manager walking around and when you talk to him he really does listen and takes customers seriously. We were dining with our Parish Priest and my dad asked if there wasn't a discount for the parish priest (You can see our church from the windows of the restaurant), I think he was seriously thinking about giving him a discount.

Over-all, I'd say I want to eat there again. I prefer this branch since it's nearer, plus there aren't that many patrons (yet). The restaurant is like a mix of Saisaki and Tong Yang. It would be the best place to go if you want to eat at both restaurants

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